The Wood World is powered by its people. So is Koval.

Founded in 2017 by Vadim Kovalev with a camera and a vision: To tell the stories of the wood industry in creative, new ways. Now as a team of experts around the globe, Koval is a full-stack marketing agency with expertise in web development, digital marketing, filmmaking, and traditional media engagement.

As an agency we’ve grown from just one camera and one guy, but we still have that same vision, telling the Wood World’s stories in engaging new ways.


The Codes We Live By

Creativity & Innovation

Curiosity fuels our work and motivates us to keep learning. Our industry knowledge and experience help us move past the basics to dig deep and reveal what matters most to your organization.

Integrity & Trust

We strive to deliver not only what we promise, but also to add value to every client going above and beyond expectations.

Brand First Approach

Everything we do is motivated by a single goal: Successful clients. We seek to anticipate your needs and help you crush your goals.


Every step of the way we explain not only the “why” we are doing things, but the end goal we are working to achieve for your success.


We aren’t afraid to “go there.” Frank conversations about the good, the bad, and everything in-between ensures we are making the right decisions with our clients and for our clients.


As an agency, we are relentlessly pursuing quality work for our clients. We are always adapting and looking forward to every new challenge.

Let’s work together to grow your business